Richard has written many inspiring articles over the years for a variety of publications. We've  included  a  selection of them below, which we hope you'll find interesting and helpful reading. Enjoy! 

Theatre School Auditions   published in The Stage, 2009


Remember My Name   published in Drama Resource, 2009


Preparation For Success   published in Get Into Theatre, 2009


What's In A Name?   published in The Drama Student Magazine, 2010

Stand Out From The Crowd: Preparing for the College Audition   published in The Stage, 2011


Staying On Top at Auditions   published in Theatre And Performance Magazine, 2011


It's All About You: Making Your Mark in Showcases   published in The Stage, 2012


Casting The Net   published in Fourthwall Magazine, 2013 (on page 32)


The Importance of Being Trained   published in Sardines Magazine, 2015


Taking The Drama Out of Auditions   published in Ink Pellet Magazine, 2015