Inspiration for Graduates

Richard posted this piece on social media in July 2018, and as many people found it inspiring, we've put it up here to help those graduating from performing arts courses and making their mark in the big wide world...




If you have just graduated from drama school, college or university, remember that this is the most exciting time of your career. Nobody can say ‘I don’t like him/her‘ or ‘They’re not right’, as, apart from those who have worked with you or seen you while at college, potential employers won’t have heard of you or be aware of what you have to offer. Your CV is a blank canvas, which you will fill as the years go on. What you do in the first few years will play a large part in influencing how people perceive you for the rest of your career, so know what you want and choose wisely.


Whether you’ve been signed by an agent or not (and, while useful, agents are not the be all and end all of a performer's career) always be proactive in finding opportunities for work and making contacts – nobody can, or will, work as hard for your career as you can yourself, so never stop, regardless of how successful you become. Don’t ever stop learning from others and improving what you do, either. While we all like to think that we are the best and know everything, this is far from the case, as times, trends and viewpoints change, sometimes very rapidly. Be at the top of your game and prepared and ready for when any opportunity comes your way


Above all, enjoy what you do, keep believing (especially when things aren’t going the way you want them to) and remember that the career-changing phone call or email can come at any time, often when you least expect it.


Here’s to your future success. YOU CAN DO IT!






CLICK HERE to download a form in PDF format, which will help you to evaluate how far you've come during your training, the things that still need improvement, as well as setting goals and reminding you of those people you have met along the way who may be useful contacts for the future.




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